Monday, December 20, 2010

Craft Blog Love: Wise Craft and Obsessively Stitching

Do you ever find a new blog and just keep scrolling to the bottom and clicking the "older entries" button, looking at all the back-entries?

That's what I've been doing lately with Wise Craft. I came across a bunch of "new" craft blogs last night and Wise Craft was one of them. I can't even remember what brought me to it. I think it may have been the fabric flower tutorial that was linked to from another blog. But now I can't seem to stop clicking the older posts link at the bottom of each page. I'm looking at back-entries from 2007 right now. Although I must admit that I'm not actually reading all the posts. I'm at the point now where I just scroll down for crafty eye candy and only actually read what's written when it catches my eye.

Obsessively Stitching is another craft blog I'm liking. Mostly for her Angry Birds plush tutorials! I only heard about Angry Birds a few weeks ago when my husband showed me the game on his phone. Ever since then I keep seeing people talk/post/blog about it. I want a Droid phone so I can play Angry Birds too! I like those type of strategy/physics based games.

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Anonymous said...

I always have to look (dig deep)into the craftiest of blogs! Its something that is very addictive. Especially if they have one little thing on there site that pulls you there!