Sunday, December 12, 2010

Presence on the Patio Winter 2010!

I've been so busy preparing for this show that I've forgotten to post about it! And it's this upcoming weekend!
If you've followed my blog for the last year, you know about "Presence on the Patio". It's a small craft event that I helped my friends at Primele organize last winter. We did a spring show this year as well. This season, the girls at Primele have had their business really take off, and they have been too busy to do the event. So since I wanted to keep this event going, I took up the torch.

You can check out the Facebook event as well as the official Presence on the Patio Facebook Fan page.

Yes, I outdoor craft fair? winter? Western New York??? Yes. We are a hardy people! I am praying the weather is decent because we have no inside back up plan (the cafe booked a party inside for that day so we won't be able to use the back room like at the spring show). No wind or precipitation would be wonderful. I wouldn't mind a tiny amount of snow flurries though.

We had extra posters left over from the spring event, and I wanted to save on printing I busted out the red paint and altered the graphic on one of them to fit the winter/holiday color scheme. Then I just printed out the new info (date, time, etc.) and glued it over the existing text.

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