Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fabric Rose Hair Accessories

One of the newest things I've been making lately are these fabric roses. I made a few hair clips with them during the week of Thanksgiving and were selling them at my last show.

They look great and are so easy to make. The "hardest" part is scorching the edges. Yep...scorch...with fire. It seals the edges so the fabric doesn't fray, plus it makes the organza fabric curl a bit and give the flower some texture and dimension. You just have to be very careful. And some fabric scorches better than others. Organza works well, but I found out that tulle doesn't do so well. I actually got the inspiration to scorch the fabric from a YouTube video tutorial (the second flower she makes in the video). I don't make my flowers the same way she makes hers in the video, but that's where I got the idea to scorch the edges. I may have to share the love and do an official tutorial post soon.

I've been wearing the flower clips around a lot lately and have gotten a lot of compliments from both friends and strangers since I've been wearing them. Last week I bought some plain black elastic headbands (6 for $1 at Family Dollar! Woot!) and would put the clip onto the band. But this week, I made some with the flower sewn onto the band. I also added a few seed beads to dress the center up a little.

(please pardon my greying hair!)

I'll probably offer these in my Etsy shop sometime after the holidays.


Tree Huggin Momma said...

Love these. Do you have one more show comming up before the Holidays?

Kira said...

My last show until February's "Hearts + Crafts" show in Rochester will be "Presence on the Patio" on December 18th in Medina.

snore stop said...

The rose is looking wonderful,I appreciate your work.