Saturday, February 12, 2011

Commissioned Piece: Kaze-kun the Crow

I finished the crow plushie that was supposed to go with the fox that my friend Em from My Kitty Empire commissioned me to make.

Before I left, Em took some nicely staged pictures of the Fox and Crow for me with her snazzy professional-grade camera. (she's a freelance photographer and illustrator)

Em and I actually went shopping together yesterday in order to find some specific rectangular-shaped shell buttons that she wanted for the crow's eyes. After a trip to JoAnn Fabrics (where I found the buttons, but not the leopard print fleece I was looking for for another commission project...blah.) we went to Goodwill, where we both bought ourselves some comfy clothes as well as some monster-making sweaters! After thrifting, we got some food and then went back to her house to eat and chat. After we finished lunch, she gave me a tour of her wonderfully HUGE 200 year old house...with magical little passages that lead you from one room to another. It was one of those lovely old houses that just never ends!

* all photos (except for the first two) are courtesy of My Kitty Empire.


health quotes. said...

The doll is very beautiful and very quite, your work is great.

Wicky Woo said...

Aw I love the last photo where they look almost like they're having a slow-dance! Very cute!