Monday, February 7, 2011

Pictures from the Hearts + Crafts Indie Craft Market

Here are some pictures from yesterday's Hearts + Crafts Indie Craft Market.

My apologies for the fuzzy blurryness. That tends to happen in a dimly lit place because I hate using the flash.

I relented and put the flash on for the picture shown it's clearer, but I hate the way pictures taken with a flash turn out. But with a simple digital point-and-shoot and not a high quality professional camera...what can you really expect?

The show was inside the cafe, and the table space was small (2.5 Ft in diameter). I'm used to setting up on at least a 6 ft table, so I had no idea how my setup would turn out, but knew I could make it work. And I think it ultimately turned out really well.
Because I knew the space was smaller, I wasn't freaking out about "not having enough" the week before like I normally do before craft shows.

I wasn't sure I would be able to display my "impulse items" like the flower pins and hair accessories, but there was room for everything!

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