Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monster Ear Hat Color Choices...

I am trying to come up with a fixed set of color combinations for the Monster-Ear Hats. I've just made the combinations willy-nilly before, but I want a fixed set of colors to make the process of making them smoother. Don't worry, I WILL still accept special orders for custom hats, but I need a set that I will have ready-made for craft shows and the Etsy shop. It's so hard to try and anticipate what colors people will want to buy. I'm always aware of the idea that just because I like a certain color combination, that doesn't mean anyone else will! So I need your help for some market research!

Go to my KiraArts fanpage on Facebook, go to the "Hats!" photo album, and click "like" on the picture of the color set you like best! (there are 3 sets to vote for).

I am personally favoring Set 1...but I want to know what my customers will like the best!

This 4th graphic is of some ideas for specific "Special Edition" hats. (I need to make more of the "Yoda" hats in adult sizes! I had at least 2 requests for them at my last craft show, and all I had were 2 kid sizes!)

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