Thursday, February 10, 2011

Link Roundup from Ohdeedoh

I don't have kids, but a lot of my friends have kids...and plus I am just a big kid at one of my favorite blogs is the Apartment Therapy kid-decor blog Ohdeedoh. A lot of times I'll find posts there that I want to share with friends and family, or just want to bookmark for later, so I'll post the link on Facebook. But I've been so behind on reading the blog lately, that when I finally got around to catching up on it today, there were WAY too many links to share! So I decided to do a roundup here on my blog.

How To Make Flubber, Glurch and Other Homemade Art Supplies at Home
I posted a link on Facebook last month of the "Make your own watercolors" tutorial I found, expecting one of my young-mother friends to benefit from it and maybe make some with their kids, and my own mom (a preschool aide for special needs kids) actually made some at home on one of her days off!

I think I remember an Ed Emberley book I liked as a child. It was one where you made various creatures using your fingerprints. I always thought it was so fun!
One of my friends who is homeschooling asked me recently if I could give her son a weekly art lesson. While I am an artist, I don't consider myself a particularly good teacher and sometimes have a hard time coming up with a "lesson plan". So I think I may try to find some of these books at my local library. *Just doing a search on the online library system website is revealing that he has a LOT of books!

This is just fun. I can just see my friends' little boys driving their matchbox cars up and down this dresser!

Drab to Fab Thrifted Dollhouse
This reminds me of the dollhouse I still have from my childhood. Not because they are the same style (mine is much more simple...and not quite as funky-colorful) but because my childhood dollhouse is one that my grandmother picked up out of someone's trash and my grandfather fixed it up and gave it to me for Christmas (or was it my birthday?). The funny thing is that I thought for years that Grandpa MADE me that dollhouse. It was only a few years ago that my mom told me that Grandpa only refurbished it! But I still love it anyway!
* Make sure you click through to the original blog to see all the little details!

Even though I believe that some naughty children just need a spanking to bring them in line, there is something to be said for positive reinforcement so that children will want to be good and less spankings will need be given out in the first place!

This room is so gorgeous! My favorite part is the tree graphics on the wall (as well as the pops of turquoise!). I'd love to do that in a room someday. Although I probably would not have the background color so dark.

*all images via Ohdeedoh

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