Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Commissioned Piece: Yukiko the Fox

A friend who saw the foxes I made for my woodland creature series commissioned me to make her a fox with anime-esque "happy crescents" for eyes...

I'm used to putting the eyes on after I sew the head up, so I couldn't hide the embroidery thread knot on the underside of the fabric like I do when I usually embroider details...but luckily, I worked it out to make the knots look like the fox has cute little eyelashes!

I liked "staging" these photos with the fabric and balls of yarn. It adds a little "granny chic" and makes it feel extra cozy to me. (the orange sweater I made the fox out of is super soft! I wish I had enough to make myself a blanket!)

* My friend just tagged me in the following picture on Facebook with this caption "Natsuko says, "Dear Yukiko, I am looking forward to having you as a companion! Kitsu-kitsu!"

She's named her already! She says Yukiko "means Child of Snow :D since she was born in winter and there's snow everywhere!"

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