Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Link Roundup: I (heart) Wooden Toys!

I seem to be on a link-sharing kick lately.
Although I make plush toys...I also have a great love for simple, wooden toys. I've always said that blocks are the best. I remember building blocks being one of my favorite kinds of toys growing up.

Old Spools: New Blocks (image credit:Maya*Made)
I saw this huge collection of wooden spools today on the Maya*Made blog. I love, love, LOVE wooden spools! ESPECIALLY these vintage ones! I don't know what it is about them. And the fact that Maya has so many of them makes me drool! I actually just found 3 vintage wooden spools of my own today while cleaning my craft room. I think that brings my collection up to 5 or 6 of them. I have recently developed a thing for photos of vintage spools of colorful thread. I bought a print from Dear Machine on Etsy awhile back, as well as one from photographer Abby Try Again. Now that I've found some vintage wooden spools of my own, maybe I can wind some colorful thread onto them and take some pictures of my own!
This is SUCH a good idea! I would love to make these as a gift for someone. The problem with paper dolls is that they are paper...which can be a fragile thing, especially in the hands of a young child. This is an idea I could "monster-fy" as well, using my own designs.

Block Mates (image credit: Guidecraft)
These are just cool. "Block mates cleverly transform ordinary unit blocks into animals and vehicles." I found this via Ohdeedoh (of course). I can't tell if these are wooden or plastic (and it doesn't say on the site), but either way they are pretty cool!

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