Friday, April 15, 2011

Etsy Favorite Friday BONUS!: Sample Set Deal from UpstateHerbWorks

I know I already did an Etsy Favorite Friday post today, but I wanted to share this sale that's going on over at UpstateHerbWorks...(consider this making up for the past 2 weeks that I forgot about doing an Etsy Favorite Friday post)

* Image credit: UpstateHerbWorks

I think it must be difficult to have a shop with soap and other bath/body products on Etsy... because those kinds of products are all about the sense of smell...and you can't smell over the internet! Of course the nice thing about it is that if you do get a chance to smell something in person and it's something you like, you can just hop on Etsy and order more of what you like (that's what I do with Latherati...although she's discontinuing "Beguile", my favorite scent! Boo hoo!)

Anyway, a fellow RNESTer, Karen at Duncan Creative, has been singing the praises of UpstateHerbWorks for the past couple months. One of the balms in the shop particularly intrigued me, since I've been having some issues with pain/inflammation in my wrist lately. UpstateHerbWorks is going to be at Mayday Underground on April 30th, so I was going to wait and buy it then, since I would be able to be there in person and actually smell it.

But Karen recently shared, over Facebook, this deal that UpstateHerbWorks is having...a Premium Sample Set - You Choose 4 Hand-Crafted Solid Scents & Medicinal Balms, only $5 and free shipping. It was too good of a deal to pass up, so I jumped on it and ordered a sample set. I chose "Regenerate", "Clove Cuticle & Hand Balm", "Calm Cramps", and "Working Stiff". I'm really looking forward to getting my package in the mail!

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