Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sewing on the porch...

I swear that Western New York really only has two seasons...Winter and Summer...and Spring and Fall just gets crammed into a few days between the two. Most of April has been very wintery...rainy and cold...and even some snow. Today was one of the first days it was nice and warm. It was in the upper 70's all day. So rather than sitting inside in my craft room, I decided to sit on the porch to enjoy the warm breeze and work on some hand sewing that needs to get done before Mayday Underground on Saturday.

It was so warm that I busted out my favorite summer dress that I got at the Lilac Festival last year. (I'd love to get some more of them this year!)

Some owls that need their heads sewn up...and a monster that needs a pucker in his lips.

My animals seemed to enjoy being on the porch too. Luna, for some reason, decided that her favorite spot was right under my rocking chair.

Terra loves the porch...since we've decided to keep her an inside cat and the porch is the closest she ever gets to being outside. She was in a few different places...on the window sills watching and "chattering" at the birds outside the blue "telephone chair" that I picked up off the curb this past fall and am planning on refinishing this summer...

But her favorite place was on the floor in the sunbeam. I got on the floor and took some really nice close-up pictures of her....but I'll share them tomorrow.

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