Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fabric Flower Hair Clips

I made some fabric flower hair clips at church tonight. (sewing keeps my hands busy while I listen. Surprisingly enough, it helps me pay attention!).

For this clip, I had the flower made already and just needed to sew it to the clip. This little white flower was really just an experiment originally. I'm not even sure I can remember how I made it! I think it had to do with folded circles though.

When church was over and we were just all hanging out, I called one of the little girls over to try it on her so I could take a picture. And after that, more of the little girls wanted to have a turn trying on the clip and having their picture taken!

Even the little one-year-old wanted a turn! I had to have one of the moms distract her to get a picture of the side of her head though...since she kept trying to look directly into the camera, no matter what angle I turned! Sorry sweetie, I want to take a picture on the side of your head so I can actually see the flower! LOL!

Then I had them try the headband...

How nice to have such willing little models! :)

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