Saturday, April 9, 2011

UB Con 2011

Here I am at the Artist's Alley at UB Con...

This is definitely the most geeky show I've done to date. UBCon is a role-playing game/anime/generally geeky convention. I am just on the cusp of geekdom (pretty geeky, but haven't crossed into this threshhold of geeky). And I enjoy anime, but I'm not super INTO anime like some people, so I only get a fraction of the references. I am having fun seeing all the unique costumes people are wearing though...

I know only a limited amount of who the characters are though. I do know the guy with the big sword and yellow hair is Cloud from Final Fantasy.

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Hooked On Chibis! said...

It was great to meet you there! Cons like this are definitely full of geek - and this one seemed pretty tame compared to others I've seen (maybe because it was generally geeky - "flavored" cons, like anime cons or sci-fi cons, REALLY bring out the geek in the attendees!) :-)

Your picture up there is the only one I've found so far of my booth, or my cosplay, and I definitely saw people taking pictures ... ^_^ Thanks for posting it, it's great to see even if we're just in the background!

Best of luck with your critters in the future, I love how innovative you are with scrap materials (and your suitcase displays are so charming it hurts!)