Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Flower Hair Clips

I made a few of these "4th of July" flower hair clips specifically to sell at the craft show my hometown has as a part of their 4th of July festivities.

My brother's girlfriend bought one and was kind enough to be my model and let me photograph her wearing it.

This would have been a good "Make-It Monday" tutorial, but I was a little busy this weekend (y'know...with the big local 4th of July craft show and all!). I'll add it to my list of projects to take process, step-by-step photos for. I have more photos from this weekend, so I'll try and be diligent and do a post every day this week in order to share them all! :)

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John midlton said...

I'll add it to my account of projects to yield process, step-by-step photos for.

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