Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lyndonville 4th of July Craft Show!

Here are a few photos from the Lyndonville 4th of July craft show on Monday...

This was the first show I officially used my new tall director chair, which was great and helped me not be on my feet quite as much as usual. (I was still standing up occasionally, but not nearly as much as I do at a typical show where I'm standing up almost for the entire 6 hours of the show) My grandma came to visit for the weekend and came to the show with me too (and surprised my mom!)

This was the first show where I used my banner too! I love how it looked!

We picked up the green desk off the curb a few houses down from us a few weeks ago while walking home from our local ice cream shop, the Hojack Ice Cream Shack. We had it sitting in the living room temporarily, and I had a suitcase full of Nubbins sitting on it while taking inventory and preparing for the show. While I was looking at it, a light bulb came on and I thought of bringing it to include in my booth. I liked how it fit in with the overall look of my display. It also provided some extra space where Mom could display her Post-It Notebooks and recycled coffee cup greeting cards. Mom had also made some cute binoculars "for spotting monsters" out of toilet paper tubes.

As this little guy was being sold, I realized that I never took a photo of him, and his new owner was nice enough to let me take a picture to remember him by!

I did VERY well at this show and sold a lot! This show is a keeper! (my second most successful show ever!) I'm definitely planning on doing it annually! I think just about everyone in the Orleans County comes to our tiny town for the parade and festivities on the 4th, so there were a TON of people there. Plus, I was given a wonderful, shady spot right on one of the school's sidewalks near the flagpole.

But one of my favorite parts about this show was that I got to meet so many local people that live in my small town as well as the surrounding towns. I've lived here for almost 2 years now and still often feel like I don't know a whole lot of local people. I've done a few shows in Medina (and did see a few repeat customers from those shows!), but this show had a lot of people from Lyndonville who live right around the corner from me. I loved being able to tell them that I was local and lived literally right down the street! I have a feeling people may recognize me as "the monster girl" around town now!

Ah, crafts...bringing people together! :)

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