Friday, July 1, 2011

Banner Update...

I was able to get to the store and get some black, white, and blue paint to finish my banner!

I wasn't sure if I was going to do the blue in the background. I'd considered leaving the plain canvas as the background. But, in trying to hide some of my stray tracing marks I'd made with washable marker, I ended up making it worse when the paint caused the marker to smear into the paint. So CJ suggested doing a blue "swish" in the background in order to hide the mistake. And I'm really happy with how it ultimately turned out. I'm glad I have some blue in there after all.

I hope having the website at the bottom helps make it clear that there are supposed to be 2 A's. (the white one that belongs to the end of "Kira" and the second one, larger and in black for the beginning of "Arts") A lot of people think there is only one A, and the business name is "KirArts" (instead of KiraArts), because of how I designed the logo and placed the 2 A's overlapping. I never though of that when I first designed it. I'm stubborn though and I like my logo. If I ever do a redesign, I may change it a little. But most of my branding stuff has been done with this logo, so I'm going to plan on keeping it for awhile. I've already changed the monster once. The original monster in the logo had yellow eyes that were looking towards the text. I decided to change the eyes to being completely black (with white "reflection" marks) and different sizes to make it look more like the Nubbins. I think it's slightly more engaging too, since the monster looks like it is looking right at you, rather than off to the side and looking at the text.

Anyway...enough graphic designer jabber from me! I just can't wait to see how this looks at my booth! :D

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