Friday, July 29, 2011

Etsy Favorite Friday!: The House of Mouse

I had a thing about mice when I was a little girl (a good "Oh They're so cute!" thing, not a bad "Eeek!" scared of them thing). I loved mice. I loved movies and books about them. An American Tail was my favorite movie when I was 5. I even had a pet mouse for a little while that I named Fivel. I loved to draw mice. I used to draw a little mouse in the margin or at the top of all my school papers in elementary school. (with sad faces on the math paper mice...because I didn't like math!)

Well, this Etsy seller, TheHouseOfMouse, combines my childhood love of mice and my current love of the geeky (and British).

"The House of Mouse is a sister-act made up of two British sisters; Anna and Naomi. Anna founded The House of Mouse in 2007 and Naomi joined to make a partnership in 2010. Both Anna and Naomi sew and share the duties of this full-time business." (from their Etsy profile)

They don't only have geeky, British, pop culture mice though. Take a look at the shop and check out all the different kind of mice they make.

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