Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

After meeting my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend at the movies to see Hancock (which was pretty good...if you don't mind a bit of language) After the movie, we spent the afternoon/evening hanging out at my parent's house in the front yard...a bit of a tradition we've had since 2000. Although the tradition for a long time was a huge 4th of July bash my parents hosted at their house, complete with DJ, with all our friends invited from all our various social circles. But it's been toned down ever since my brother went to NYC (initially for college), and since I've gotten married. Last night it was just our family and a couple good friends. Very low key...but still just as fun. We had a fire in the fire pit that my mom got at a garage sale. My brother got out the giant bubble blower and made his own bubble solution (which was a bit tempermental).
Doesn't he look like a matador?

"Look! I did it!"
King loves catching bubbles!

He really is a nice dog! He only looks intimidating. Rottweilers get a bad rap. He really is a big cuddle-bug. I bet if someone was stupid enough to try and hurt Mommy or Daddy they'd be in trouble though!

My parents live within walking distance of the Town Park where they set off the fireworks, so some of us always walk down to the park, while some people stay at the house where you can see the fireworks...but nothing beats being right there at the park.

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