Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monster Doctor to the Rescue!

So, I was helping my friend Amy entertain her kids last week so she could get some housework done. As I come up to her door, one of her sons greets me, sock monster in hand...when I come in the house, his older brother comes down with his sock monster.
Later on, they showed me that each of their monsters have rips that needed to be fixed. They're a couple of my older monsters, the ones I made in the early days before I had a sewing machine and before I had learned a lot about sewing. One thing I've found about my early monsters is when they've been well loved by the children they belong to, they tend to need a few repairs. (see picture at right for a referance of what "well-loved" means! Thankfully, this was after I fixed it!)

So after they showed me the rips (since they knew I was the one who made them) I told the boys I would fix them and asked them..."Should I bring them to the Monster Doctor?" which they wholeheartedly agreed and put them in my basket so I could take them home.

I sewed their arms back on and then, on a whim today before I was on my way over to Amy's house to hang out, I decided to give each monster a heart...a fun little memento of their trip to the "Monster Doctor".

These little troopers are ready to go back home!

Caleb, happy to have his monster back!...(although I think that particular one belongs to his brother). He was very excited about the new hearts each monster had. He kept saying "Mommy, look! A heart! Look Mommy! He has a heart!"

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Melissa said...

your so talented!

And NO It wasn't you. One guess who it was ;) LOL! We should DEF get together soon! When are you free? call me 208-3067