Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Country Monsters and More Craft Blogs

More monsters!

I find it funny how far beyond socks I've gone. The green monster is from fabric I picked up while garage sale-ing with Rachel last Saturday. I think it looks very...rustic & country...something kind of Laura Ingles (if Laura Ingles made monsters!) Usually not the area of craft I'd subscribe to...but sinc e it's a monster...it's okay. The brown guy is (obviously) from some old courderoy pants. His heart and teeth still have yet to be sewn on (hence the pins).

So...that Crafty Crow opened up a can of worms to other kid craft blogs. All of them by crafty moms...most of them homeschoolers (I guess the people who would know kid crafts the most would be homeschooling moms).

Here's where else I've been today...

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