Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Recycled monsters...

Well I promised you more monsters...

This little guy reminds me sort of an Adipose Monster (yes...more Dr. Who referances!) Okay...maybe my little guy isn't quite as fat (or white). It's just those beady little black eyes and that little smile. Go to the link and look at the picture...can't you see what I mean?

This crazy looking gal is out of one of the socks that my friend/old co-worker, Sue, gave me.

This tall drink of water was from a horrible shorts/halter one piece outfit...(sorry Mom) that I'm sure was very stylish for moms in the late 80's/early 90's...that was a part of a bunch of clothes my mom let me take away from her house to make monsters with. I love how even the most horrible, gaudy patterned fabric is wonderful for making monsters with! I saw some flowery/paisley fabric placemats at the Dollar Store today that would be perfect.

But I have so many old clothes and fabric , it's going to be a long time and a lot of monsters and other recycled projects before I have to search around the Dollar Tree and thrift stores to look for old clothes or other fabric to make monsters out of. The only new fabric I buy for my monsters recently are fleece remnants in the discount remnant bin at JoAnne's. The fleece I made that blue monster out of cost me a grand total of 67 cents! And I still have some left!

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Laura said...

Your monsters are DARLING!!!! So cute! Two of my boys designed their own monsters and sewed them out of felt....fun project!