Friday, July 4, 2008


Okay...I am a self-admitted geek. Specifically, a sci-fi/fantasy geek. I was blog-surfing and came across a post on GeekCrafts about Dr. Who inspired crafts and from there came across a blog post about a TARDIS T-shirt. I was inspired myself to make my own TARDIS design to silk-screen onto a t-shirt for my husband (he's the one who got me into Dr. Who). I wish I'd had this thought sooner, I would have made it to give to him for his birthday (which is today). The top design is his pick. The second design is just another one I came up with that I liked. Yay for Photoshop filters!

So...what is The TARDIS all you non-geeks ask?...well it's the Doctor's funny little time-space ship that looks like an old British Police Call Box, and its big feature is that it's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Well, upon seeing my designs (which I'm planning on silk-screening), he got all inspired to make his own full-color TARDIS shirt using some t-shirt iron-on transfer paper we had lying around.

I find it funny and ironic that he's wearing a shirt with a British pop culture icon on America's Independance Day. Hee hee...

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