Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Productive day!

Another peaceful, productive day! Well...semi peaceful if you don't count the plane noises.
I've been working all day on cleaning/rearranging our guest room for some friends of ours who are coming from Buffalo to spend the night Saturday. They have two little boys, so I had to get the twin mattress from the attic so they had something to sleep on. I like how the room turned out. I think it's very cozy. It's also very cheery since it's the room in the house that gets the most natural light.


I went outside to water my plants (I have one zinnia fully in bloom! Isn't it pretty?) And caught a few glimpses of the planes I've heard roaring overhead all day. I happen to live pretty close to the airport. And the Thunderbirds have been practicing for the past two days for the air show this weekend. I got a few pictures...they're nothing amazing though (I think the first one looks like a UFO). It was hard to catch a good picture of them since it was hard to tell which way they were coming from...the air was just full of jet engine roar...your ears can't determine what direction it's coming from. And by the time I saw them, I had to get them in the viewfinder of the camera and zoom in to get any kind of decent picture and they were already almost gone. The last picture is the best one I got.

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