Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Market, The Library and Art

After dropping my hubby off at work this morning (we're practicing for going down to one car) I took a trip to the farmer's maket in the parking lot at GreeceRidge Mall. I got a bag of green beans ($1), 3 cucumbers ($1), and a bag of carrots ($.75). All those veggies for only $2.75! A few weeks ago I got about 5 heads of Romaine lettuce for $.75 that lasted forever! I love the market! I also love finding other local farmers markets in the area besides the big one downtown that everyone goes to and can get annoyingly crowded. I've heard there's another one in the city that's not too far from me. There's one in Chili Center, and I heard about one today that's in Rush.
I also took an excusion to the library to get some books for research for the art class I'm teaching in the fall. I got some about Impressionism, Modern Art, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso. I had to make myself go to the checkout counter before my arms fell off, because I just kept seeing more and more books I wanted to check out.

I spent the afternoon curled up on the couch, listening to my music and the rain, and being engrossed in art. I read a book about Matisse and used mini-post-its to flag pictures I could use for my class. I can't use all of the pieces because there's so much nudity... ~sigh~...a roadblock I've come across a couple times in researching almost every artist and art movement I want to use for this class. It doesn't phase me all that much (I just see it as part of art history), but I don't think it would be appopriate to show 8-12 year olds (I don't think their parents would look too kindly on it either). As an artist, I haven't ever done any nudes, and don't really desire to do any. The closest thing I've done is my series I did with women's backs

Also in preperation for the class, I decided to do different versions of one of my favorite painting I've done of CJ. The first one is done in the Impressionistic style, the second to resemble Picasso's abstract/cubist style, the third using the tequnique of cut paper that Matisse used in his latter years. It's funny...I remember being told in an art class once that Matisse used cut paper in his later years because he was going blind...but the book didn't say anything about that. Darn lying art teachers...(just kidding!)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. You were productive and relaxed. Good for you! I love to see all the things you paint.
Love you, Mom