Friday, October 17, 2008

Handmade Christmas

I know some people may think it's "too early" to be thinking about Christmas gifts, but when you want to give your in-laws their gifts when you see them at Thanksgiving, AND you want to handmake is a pretty good time.

Last year I saw that "Pledge Handmade" button/badge (see right) on a lot of the craft sites I browse. But I'm not wanting to handmake gifts out of any philosophy or "stick it to the man" feeling towards consumerism/commercialism...I just like how satisfying and meaningful giving a handmade gift can be...and also more economical.

Handmade items for kids and women are usually pretty easy. But what stumps me is what to do for a handmade gift for a man...more specifically, my father-in-law & brother-in-law. I tried looking at the Gift Guide at Etsy...but nothing really struck me. Anything that did, I either didn't have the skills to make (metalcraft/woodcraft/leathercraft...all the manly crafts for the manly gifts), or it was too expensive to buy from the Etsy merchant selling it.

Maybe I'll just forget it and get them gift cards. :P
Maybe I should forget it for now and get knitting and/or painting if I'm going to finish any of the gifts I'm making!


Anonymous said...

How about having CJ make them something. He has skills. Or with your help make them something..he builds you paint. or picture frames....or dresser organizer of wood or dash board organizer. Some kind of storage box to keep ...manly stuff in. or a home of you ... music video. Hey, I'm only trying to help here.

Anonymous said...

Jason like wolves and Indian style things. They have dreamcatchers and all that kinda stuff hanging all over the house.

Can't help you with Dad... he stumps me all the time anyways. I usually just stumble on something. I can tell you one thing. I just gave him a pencil sketch that his brother had done of him when he was a teenager. He needs to put in in a frame and hasn't done so. It was a sketch done on brown paper like a grocery bag. You could crafty up a frame that would look great and i can sneak the picture from him (i put it up anyways) and you could put it in the frame before you wrap it. There is a scan of the picture on my myspace I think under Elizabeth and Harry album.

have fun.... keep busy. ~Shannon