Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Etsy stuff and some personal meanings

Okay...I have to do a new post because my mom says she "lives for [my] blog" and was disapponted that I hadn't updated since the last entry. So....ummmmm....let's see what's new...

I have more items in my Etsy shop! A few more monsters and an art piece...

You know you want her!
This is my first mixed media art piece. I'm really satisfied with it and almost hate to sell it... but I think it's one of my more sellable art pieces. It's astheticly pleasing without being overly personal...even though I do have a personal meaning behind it.

The phrase "discover a new dream" and the placement of the first box over the figure's lower stomach is linked with an acceptance of the apparant inability of my husband and I to have children...and moving on...and trusting God and waiting for Him to move...because He did this for a reason, no matter how unfair it may seem on the surface sometimes.

With that thought, I'm reminded of that story about the tapestry. The story has many different incarnations. I seem to remember one version involving a little girl sitting underneath her grandmother's needlepoint. Another involves a master tapesry maker in the middle east and his apprentice. I found a site that has a plethora of poems and stories about the picture the weaver, loom, and tapestry relate to God and how we don't always understand because we don't see the finished picture. http://www.tapestrynvelvet.com/view/?pageID=187030 (warning: there is music that comes up with the page. Scoll down to the bottom to turn the music off if it drives you nuts.) I had no idea there were so many different quotes, stories and poems about the same analogy! I wonder who came up with it first?

"A Christian man’s life is lain in the loom of time, to a pattern which he does not see, but God does; and his heart is in the shuttle. On one side of the loom is sorrow,and on the other is joy;and the shuttle, struck alternately by each,flies back and forth carrying the thread,which is white or black as the pattern needs;and in the end, when God shall lift up the finished garment,and all its changing hues shall glance out, it will then appear that the dark and deep colorswere as needful to beauty as the bright and high one.”
--Henry Ward Beecher

And now I've probably made mom cry. Sorry mom!


Melissa said...

I love the quote! its great :)

I pray for you often, and miss you tons.

Anonymous said...

I'm not crying yet. I cried yesterday ...out of the blue... thinking about my Dad and Gran'ma. It must be just that time of year. It will be 11 years on November 17 that Gran'pa died. I miss him and I am sure Gran'ma does too....

Okay ..now I am crying .again.

love you,