Monday, March 9, 2009

Pottery Fix

The hubby and I got our pottery fix this weekend at our friends' house. They live on a farm and have a seperate building that serves as a studio/office/workshop. And in the studio, they have two pottery wheels and a kiln. We spent the day Saturday out there and played on the wheels. I made 6 pots and CJ made a cute little bud vase. He has big hands, but he makes the tiniest little pieces on the wheel!

(Luna thinking "Mommy...are you done yet?")

We have our own pottery wheel at home that my mom and grandma bought for us as a wedding present (I took a pottery class with my mom and some friends a few months before I got married)... but I don't use it as much as I'd like to. It tends to take a back seat to my other crafts (sewing and painting), especially now that I'm crafting more as a business lately than as a hobby. Plus, pottery is rather messy. I've thought about asking our friend/landlord about possibly setting it up in the basement where there is a concrete floor and a utility sink. I've also debated about taking my wheel out to "the farm" as well. It's more motivating when you know there's a kiln you can fire your work in the same building rather than having to wory about transporting your work in order to fire it (and worrying about breaking it the entire way). Plus, with three wheels, we can have a "pottery party"!

I don't know...I haven't decided anything yet...except that I miss practicing my pottery skills!

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