Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Fellow Artists at Spot Coffee

Here's a peek a some of my fellow artists' tables at the "First & Last: Arts & Crafts" Show at Spot...

This is Becky's table. Becky and her boyfriend Mike are the ones who've organized the whole show. She does a lot of different things...paintings, purses, rings, and some other stuff.

My favorite thing she does is make rings out of buttons.

And this is Tori's table. Tori does pottery. You can check out her Etsy shop here. Being around her has inspired me to bust out my pottery wheel and throw some pots.

And here's a look at my table last weekend. I never set it up the same way twice!

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Anonymous said...

hi kira- i started a facebook group for the show, and i'd love to use one of your pics for the group icon... maybe i'll change the pic periodically! if that's okay, do you think you could email me a couple? emily[at]metalemily.com

-emily watson