Thursday, March 5, 2009

Galliwumpfs Sneak Peek

I've been going through my box of sock remnants and I'm really liking this new , what I call "Galliwumpf", design.

It's nice because I can use remnants of a sock that isn't really enough to make a whole monster, so I fill in the belly with a coordinating fuzzy sock material. I really would like to obtain some more of this fuzzy sock material, since I know eventually I'm going to run out. Anyone got any unwanted fuzzy socks?...send them my way!

Don't you wish I'd just finish something already?
Well, I try to save the hand sewing and such for when I'm chilling out at night, watching TV with da hubby. I got a little bit done last night on those two sock monsters I posted yesterday, but we were watching Hellboy II (our newest Netflix DVD) and I got caught up in the movie and didn't end up finishing them! The green shamrock guy just needs some eyes, and the argyle guy needs eyes as well as his lips finished up. I promise, they'll get finished by tomorrow and I'll let you see the finished product. I actually think I'll go work on them right now!

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