Monday, March 9, 2009

KiraArts News (March 9th)

Here's a quick recap of what's been going on in KiraArts' land this past week/weekend...

  • Woo Hoo! I just hit 50 "hearts" on Etsy! (I know..."big deal" right? "Tell me when you make it to 100". Hey, fifty is a lot for a small time Etsy girl like me!)

  • In other news...I sent out another box o' monsters out to Vegas to Mystery Rider. And he was nice enough to make this little mini-commercial for me on You Tube!

  • Here's a rather fuzzy look at my rather fuzzy monsters at a not-really-so-fuzzy table at the First & Last: Arts & Crafts show at Spot on Friday.
  • I added some of my art into the mix of monsters this week...and actually had a girl comission a piece based on the Luna Moth painting seen in the basket...

  • I finished up 4 more sock monsters while I was sitting at the show (I like using the time there to get a lot of hand-sewing done). They'll be up on my Etsy shop soon.


The Mystery Rider said...

Fifty Hearts on Etsy.
Is very cool.

Wow all those people look at the new Nubbins. I will have to stay on my toes to get the ones I like before you sell out.

Keep up the great work

Ashley Clark said...

Hey Kira, did you sell that spotted nubbin? Cause he is sooo cute, I have my eye on him.