Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Sneak Peeks

All these sneak peeks...I'm just such a tease aren't I?

I've come up with ideas for Easter Nubbins. But they're going to be a bit different than my typical Nubbins. Originally I was just going to do egg shapes on the bellies (which I still might do)...but I wanted to do something different...

So I came up with the chick and chocolate bunny Nubbins.

And here's some shots of some in-process sock monsters

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The Mystery Rider said...

Put me down for a chick & a Bunny. I like all the sneak peeks. You should do a "Making of a Nubbin" Video. What holiday is after Easter? I'm sure there will be a 4th of July Nubbin. Or how about a spring break Nubbin?