Friday, September 17, 2010

Creating Etsy Treasuries

I've discovered the fun of creating Etsy Treasuries lately. "What are Etsy Treasuries?" you ask? Well, on the Treasury page, Etsy says "Treasury is Etsy's ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery." Basically, you create a list of 14 items found on Etsy. Usually a Treasury has some sort of theme...whether it be color, content, or both!
At the last RNEST meeting I was at, it was said that "If you make treasuries, you're more likely get your items featured in treasuries". I've seen it in action because once I got featured in treasuries, it made me want to make some of my own!

I think a good tip is to make treasuries inspired by what you're making lately, and then mention it in the description (and maybe include a link to your blog. *wink*)
After blogging about Foxy Moxy yesterday, I was inspired to make a fox themed treasury...

I like to send a "convo" (an Etsy email message) to the sellers whose items I've picked to let them know they've been featured...because I know I'd like someone to do the same for me when I've been featured. The only pain is that I have to go through and induvidually send 14 convos, which is time consuming, even with cut & pasting the text. Etsy's blog had a post about wanting to know what new tools and features they can do with the site, so I left a comment suggesting being able to send a group notice to all the sellers included in a Treasury. (I know it's more of a modification of an old tool than a new tool, but I figured it was worth a shot.)

Last week I made a treasury of turquoise monsters...

The great thing about making a Treasury (and sending notices to the featured artists) is that it helps you make connections to other artists and gain exposure for your own shop. Just this week I've noticed that I've gained at least a few more fans on the KiraArts Facebook Page and had more comments here on the blog. (of course posting to The Needle blog and Cute Plush Livejournal community probably helped too!)

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