Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Desk's Final Spot

As promised, here are pictures of my refurbished desk's new home!

Until yesterday, I had moved my sewing machine from the old school desk (that I picked up off the curb from in front of an Amish house) to the new desk, since the new desk just fit in the space between my two column shelves. But yesterday I decided on a whim to rearrange the space and so I moved one of the shelves over just enough so I could include the school desk. So I put the sewing machine back on the school desk and put my fabric cutting mat on the new desk. I like that the fabric cutting "station" is right next to the sewing "station" now instead of on the "L"-shaped desk (Wow, I have a lot of desks crammed into this space!). Plus, now I can push in my chair. When I had my chair in front of the new desk, it was too wide and wouldn't push in. Now It fits under the school desk and I've put a pillow under the new desk for Luna! (She likes to be near me during the day). I'm sure Terra will end up using it too, but she seems to prefer the chair near the window so she can watch the birds.

So...this is where the magic happens!


trisha too said...

Looks great!! I wish my work area was that clean . . .

(yes, I know, get away from the computer and go DO something, right??)


Kira said...

You should see the rest of the room. It is not as clean as the part that is pictured!

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