Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remsen Barn Festival 2010

My weekends seem so busy lately! Last Saturday was the Niagra Celtic Festival. If you read the post about the Celtic Festival, you read my story about we were at a local bar & grill for dinner and Mom and I were pondering about when the Remsen Barn Festival was this year. It's usually in mid-late September and we usually go to it with my Grandma (she lives near Remsen). Not 10 minutes later, my Grandma calls my Mom's cell phone and told her that the Remsen Festival was the next weekend! So guess where Mom and I went this past weekend!...

We take a picture at this guy's booth every year. Mom bought a rustic, wooden trellis from him about 15 years ago. It was in her garden for years and we used it in my wedding. His prices are very decent and he always does very good business at the festival. His trellis archways are priced at only $100. Mom talked to him and he said that he prices his work asking the question "how low can I price this?" instead of "how much can I get for it?"

There was a photographer that Mom bought a photo from a few years ago. The photo is of "our spot" on Moose River. This year, Mom wanted to buy one for me to have in my house. She was going to buy a copy of the one she has (which was taken in the fall), but then we found one that was taken in the summer, so she bought me that one.

This picture is from a booth that was selling rag rugs, placemats, potholders, and coasters. (I loved their booth setup. They had a lot of vintage trunks and suitcases to display their products. I wish I'd taken a picture of the booth itself!)

I love the colors in this placemat!

One of the ladies was sitting there making a potholder. They also sold the looms so you could make your placemats/potholders/coasters yourself.

Grandma bought a small potholder/coaster sized loom and a package of Christmassy pre-cut fabric. She was frustrated at first, but she eventually figured it out.

Mom bought a placemat-sized loom...

Here's Mom's finished placemat. She finished it during her lunch break at work and photographed it on the hood of her car! I love the reflection of the clouds! Mom said the picture makes it look like the placemat is a magic carpet. :)

The crazy part of me is considering trying to have a booth at Remsen next year. I go there every year anyway...I might as well try to sell some of my work there!


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