Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Green-Tongued Sweater Monster

With sweater-weather comes sweater monsters!

The tongue is green courderoy. (I love making monsters with courderoy!)

This guy was made out of a sweater I used to wear in high school...back when I used to wear oversized sweaters bought from the men's section of Rue 21 (and thought it was a good style for me) because the clothes in the women's section were for skinny girls and didn't fit me.

Frump-girl fashion issues aside, this navy blue sweater with orange stripes was my favorite. It was comfy and I thought it made me look pretty good. (this is actually one of my favorite senior pictures) I don't know where the sweater is now. I most likely gave it to Goodwill years ago, before I started making sweater monsters. ~sigh~

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Susan Link said...

Dig it! love the tongue!