Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall in the Adirondacks's fall.

Fall is my favorite season. When I was a kid it was a toss-up between Summer and Winter because I loved swimming in Summer, and playing in the snow/sledding in Winter. Actually, I think Summer won out as my favorite because there was no school, and my birthday is on the first day of Summer. Of course Winter has Christmas...hmmm... I do love Christmas.
But as an adult, my favorite season has changed. I still like swimming, but Summer gets SO HOT and I'm ready for it to be over by mid-August. And I still enjoy snow (and Christmas!), but Winter is SO COLD for SO LONG!
Fall is perfect. It's got pretty, changing leaves and cool, but not cold, weather. And apples... I love apples. Fall is a lovely in-between season, but never seems to last long enough. Summer always lasts too long or winter starts too soon. Of course, maybe that's why I love it so much...Fall doesn't last long enough for you to get sick of it. Fall has learned the showbiz rule of "always leave 'em wanting more".
But enough of my thoughts on the seasons...on to some pictures!

This is "our spot" on Moose River in the Adirondacks. We usually come here in the summer to swim and jump off those big rocks into the water. But last weekend, Mom, Grandma, and I decided to stop here on our way back from the Remsen Festival of the Arts (aka: Remsen Barn Days). I'll elaborate on the Festival more in the next post.

It was chilly...but I still had to fight the urge to swim (not having a bathing suit kind of helped in suppressing that urge).


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