Friday, June 3, 2011

Etsy Favorite Friday!: Sugar Shox Crafts

I met the artist behind Sugar Shox Crafts at the UBCon Anime convention I did back in April. Our tables were next to each other and she was a nice artist to be next to.

My favorite item she makes are the recycled Ramen Noodle package purses. I actually have one that she traded me for a plush owl. Mine is the Chicken Flavor (because that's my favorite flavor) but she makes the purses with all different flavor packages and is often looking for different/unique flavors that are hard to find in her home town. I love it when artists recycle items creatively. I have a soft spot for Ramen noodles. I loved eating them as a kid and used to call them "Long-Long Noodles". I still love them and consider them a comfort food. When I'm sick, Ramen Noodle soup is my go-to thing to eat (the warm, salty broth feels soothing when I have a sore throat).

She also makes fabric clutch bags with retro Nintendo game cartridge designs on them. She also does the purses in a cassette tape design!

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