Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My KiraArts Director Chair

Yesterday was my 29th birthday! I got my gifts a few days early, since we had lunch with my parents on Sunday to celebrate both Father's Day and my birthday. One of the gifts I got that I'm most excited about is a tall director's chair with my KiraArts logo on it! My parents bought it at Pier 1 and then brought the back cover to their friend Misty, who has a printing business (Cornerstone Printware), to have her print my logo onto it! (I also got a white T-shirt with the logo on it, since Misty wanted a test first before she printed onto the chair cover. It's a XX-Large, so CJ wears it. He actually wore it when he took me out to dinner last night!)

We set the chair up as soon as we got home on Sunday. It was barely set up for 5 minutes and I turn around and see that Terra has made herself at home!

The chair is primarily for me to use at craft shows...since I can't see people from behind my display when I'm sitting in the folding camp chair I usually bring. I usually end up spending most of the show standing, so I can interact with customers. I don't like peeking up at them from behind the suitcases, so I'll stand so I can talk to them face to face. Then I usually end up continuing to stand so people can see me...which makes my feet really sore and tired by the end of the day. So I am SO glad to have this tall chair now! And it's extra cool that it has my logo on it, and that the canvas seat and back are turquoise! So I look all professional too!

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Kasey Johnson said...

What a creative gift!