Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I had a realization that I talk about my mother a lot here on my blog, but I very rarely talk about my father. (probably just because this is a crafty blog and my mom is the crafty one) I do indeed have a father...and he's awesome!

(the only photos I can find on my computer of just Dad and I together are my wedding photos)

I may look like my mother and share her love of making things and crafting, but I really take after my father. We have similar personalities (I can't tell you how many times my mom will say "You're just like your father!") and have similar tastes...particularly in movies and music. I owe my "geekyness" and love of sci-fi/fantasy from my dad. I get my silliness and sense of humor largely from my dad (of course, mom can be silly too!). Dad is the one who instilled a love and appreciation of movie scores and classical music in me. We both love techno and celtic music too. And when I was little, Dad was the one who watched Saturday morning cartoons with me (I actually gave him a DVD of "He-Man" today, in memory of watching cartoons together)

Happy Father's Day Dadoo! Thanks for being awesome! ;D

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