Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trampoline Fun

We set up our trampoline on Monday. My brother got us for Christmas. The story behind it is that when he came to visit last year, he was amazed at how big/long our back yard is (he lives in Staten Island, so his yard is small). He joked with CJ and I that we need a trampoline (...and a pool...and a bounce house!). CJ said that the only way we were going to have a trampoline is if Adam bought us one. He was half-joking. We didn't really expect Adam to buy us a trampoline. forward to Christmas. My parents told me that Adam's Christmas gift for us had arrived at their house...and to bring the truck to pick it up. My thought was "Oh boy...what on earth did he get us?". In my parents' garage was a big box. I looked at the writing on the box and...yep...trampoline. My brother is crazy...but pretty awesome. So now we have a trampoline. Unfortunately, it didn't come with the safety net, so we can't let our friends' kids go on it without a group of spotters...but I can still have fun on it!

And half the fun for me has been trying to take pictures of myself while jumping on it! (CJ took the above photo)

I had a ball trying to take photos at that moment where I come down from a jump and my hair is still in the air

Ah... simple pleasures!

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