Friday, March 25, 2011

Etsy Favorite Friday!: Norajane Rubber Stamps

I've decided to start doing a new weekly blog post series. I've been doing Treasury Tuesdays...and now I want to do Etsy Favorite Fridays! On Etsy Favorite Friday, I'll be featuring some of my favorite shops and items on Etsy.

This week I'm featuring Norajane, an Etsy seller who does the cutest little rubber stamps....

I have a great love for rubber stamps. I get it from my mother, who is the Rubber Stamp Queen. I showed her this Etsy shop and asked her which stamp she would want...but the better question might have been which ones she DIDN'T want! She couldn't decide on just one! I may need to buy this one or this one for her. The two I have pictured above are my own personal favorites.

I hope you've enjoyed this first edition of Etsy Favorite Friday! Hopefully I will remember to keep this going!


snore stop said...

These stamps appeal to stampers at all levels of experience because they are easy to use and extremely versatile; they can be used individually or combined to create beautiful wreaths, borders and more.

Melissa said...

Love stamps--can be so creative with them and be creative making the stamp itself. Thanks for your updates!