Monday, March 28, 2011

Barn Owl Plush

I've been inspired to make some more owls lately. They seem to sell well at shows and I usually don't make enough. But I'm trying to keep up and build up a decent supply to keep up with potential demand. Today, I got inspired to make a barn owl.

As I was sewing these owls, I was wishing I had my own DVD of "Legend of the Guardians" to watch (I'd gotten it from Netflix before). I actually ordered the book from the library a few days ago. I'm hoping it comes in soon. I have a thing for reading the book that a movie is based off of...after I've seen the movie.

I took a trip to the thrift store today (half price day!) I was looking through the kids' books, trying to get lucky and maybe find an Ed Emberley book...unfortunately, no such luck. But I did find some books I Eric Carle, Steven Kellogg, Dr Seuss...a Fraggle book, some Sesame Street books...and an owl book. Children's books are free (up to 5 books...after that they are 25 cents). I have no kids, but I like kids' it's nice to have books for my friends' kids to read/look at when they come over.

Since owls are cool now, I figured I'd get this little educational book. A picture of a barn owl is what inspired me to make my little barn owls today...

Of course, whenever I thnk of owls, I think of my friend Casey, who is a fellow RNEST member. She was into owls before they were cool! For some cool owl plushies and needle felted stuff...go check out her Etsy shop, PeachesProducts!


mentalmulch said...

Love your stuffed owls and nice collection of kids' books. Can't wait to get Sharptooth! Yippy he's winning the challenge so far! Have a super day! :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable :)

health quotes said...

Wah! this picture was fantastic.Love your stuffed owls and nice collection of kids' books.Thanks for sharing.

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Kira!
I loved your stuffed barnowls... I love barnowls of all kinds.
Congratulations for your crafty creativity.

Hannah said...

Where can I buy one!?