Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Lovely Things I Can't Afford

When browsing Etsy, I sometimes find items that I like, but are WAY out of my price range. And I debate about whether I should click that "favorite" button...since I will never be able to afford it...or at least will never justify spending that kind of money on myself (admittedly, the $80 parasol isn't that bad). And I wonder if i'm just being a tease to the seller...because in all honesty, I will probably never buy the item.

That bed in the top-lefthand corner was what inspired me to make this treasury. Some of these items were already in my favorites, but in order to fill out the treasury, I actually had to go searching for some things. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to try and find items that are SO out of your price range. (and I know my mom will look at the fine art paintings and say "Come on Kira! You can do that!"...to which I will admit that I probably could, but I put them there to fill out the treasury.)

For some more lovely Etsy treasuries, go check out this week's Treasury Tuesday blog post that I just posted on the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team (RNEST) blog! My fellow RNESTers have been cranking out some really wonderful treasuries lately! Go on over and check them out!

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