Friday, March 4, 2011

The Joy of Ed Emberley Books

I have recently re-discovered the awesomeness of Ed Emberly. Who is Ed Emberly you ask? He is the author of a plethora of drawing books for kids. He is probably most famous for his thumbprint book. At least that's what I remember the most. I remember getting that book from the library and busting out my mom's ink pads and making thumbprint drawings.
I mentioned these books in one of my link roundup posts last month, and have since been keeping my local library system busy with ordering a few Ed Emberley books every couple weeks.

I've mentioned before that I'm teaching weekly "art lessons" to my friend's 6 year old son. This week, I brought over Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals, and we were drawing for about an hour and a half!


A giraffe and alligator...

And the big one...a dragon...

Eli's dragon (left) and my dragon (right). This was the first week I drew along with him. I think it helped a lot to keep him interested and engaged, as well as to help him see how to draw in addition to the book's directions.

These are some faces he did last week from Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces.
I may just need to buy some of these books for myself.


Susan Link said...

Love those books. They are so east to follow I have used them with several of my children's classes. I have the Halloween one

Teresa said...

I have a couple of these books and I found them at Goodwill. Keep your eyes peeled! :) Hope you are doing well... I "stalk" you on a regular basis :)