Thursday, March 10, 2011


I went with my mom to her hair appointment today. While I was there, I got my own hair cut (just a trim, the ends were awful) and my friend and stylist, Rochelle, decided to play when she was finished cutting. She loves working with my hair (It's not often a hair stylist gets to work with long hair...because they usually end up cutting hair off!)

I LOVE it! As soon as I saw the back of it in the mirror, I said "I need to go to a renaissance faire now!" I wish I could do this myself. I could try, but the braids wouldn't turn out nearly as tight and neat. It's really simple, just two french braids on each side, and connected in the back with a decorative clip. I wish I could remember the business name of the company where I got my clip. I get them every year at the Lilac Festival craft show in Rochester.

Rochelle also did my hair for my wedding. This girl is able to do some beautiful things with my hair! :)


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I agree these are beautiful , and lovely hairstyles ! Classic :)

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