Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RNEST Monthly Challenge: March (Natural History)

It's that time again! Time for the RNEST Monthly Challenge! The theme for March is "Natural History"...so I decided to adapt a design for the custom Godzilla plush I did awhile back and do a big T-Rex! Please take a minute to go to the RNEST Blog and vote for "Sharptooth the T-Rex" in the poll in the upper right-hand corner. You don't even have to register or anything. Just go and click!

I'm up against some pretty tough competition this month. People have entered some really cool items, but I'm the only dinosaur item that entered. Everyone else's items are bird/plant/woodland creature themed. And I forgot that people could enter more than one item. I should have thought to enter Mika the Raccoon as well! Oh well. :P

I named him Sharptooth because I was thinking about "The Land Before Time" the whole time I was sewing him! The pictures don't give a very good sense of just how big he is (I forgot to do a pic with the ruler), but he is twice the size of the Godzilla...about as big as my large sweater monsters.

Raaaaaaawr! Vote For Meeeeeeee!

***EDIT: I won the Challenge!***

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mentalmulch said...

Just voted for him! He's so awesome! My kids used to watch "The Land Before Time" when they were little. Good luck! :)

P.S. Give him a hug for me.