Monday, May 7, 2012

Craft Show: Laura's Neat Repeats in Middleport NY

Here are pictures from this past weekend's show at Laura's Neat Repeats!

The weather was blessedly sunny...even if a little chilly due to the breeze.  I was thankful for the nice weather even if my hands were a bit cold.  These things aren't too fun if it rains!

This weekend was also Middleport's community garage sale, so while we had a decent flow of people stopping by, most were in "garage sale" mode, which is different from "craft show" mode.  So things were a little slow, sale-wise, at first.  Most people aren't interested in buying a handmade sweater monster for $20 when they can go get their kid a stuffed animal for 25 cents at a garage sale.  But as the day went on, things picked up a bit., and it ultimately turned out being worth my while...especially since it was a really low booth fee and was relatively close to where I live (so I didn't use a lot much gas to get there, as opposed to if I was doing a show in Rochester, which is an hour away from where I live).

It was a small show and we were kind of more spread out than a typical show.  (It was their first time hosting a show like this).  The booth on the right was "Dragonfly Candles".  She was the one that let me know about the show in the first place.  I didn't step back far enough, but the DJ and a soapmaker "Bubbles and Baubles" were in the booth on the other side of me.  It was really nice to have a DJ there!...especially when business was least we had music to groove to!  There were some other booths there that were a bit more garage-saley.

A new Robot Nubbin design!  I think I like the zig-zag mouth better than the straight line I was doing before.  I was afraid the zig-zag would look like angry teeth, but I think it looks like electronic "static" on cartoons when you see "static" on the mouth when a robot talks.  (I know it's not "static", but I can't think of the right word right now!)

Ninjas + Bunnies = Ninja Bunnies! 

The Ninja Bunny Nubbins were actually a suggestion from a friend of one of my friends on Facebook!

I recently started making the crochet flowers into hair clips too!

This kid was so adorable!  He was the son of my booth neighbor, Shannon of "Dragonfly Candles".  She bought him Farnsworth first, then later he convinced her to buy Finkleberg, Farnsworth's slightly taller "twin" I'd made from the same sweater!  He was running around with at least one of them always in his arms...and sometimes both!  I ran into Shannon today while out grocery shopping, and she said he's still carrying them everywhere at home!  Stuff like that always makes me so happy!  I love it when kids really LOVE the monsters I've made.  And these two were some of my favorites, since I love the color combination as well as the soft texture of the sweater.

This girl was so excited about the "Avatar/Na'vi" doll.  I made him last year and have been surprised no one has bought him.  But I guess he was meant just for her!

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