Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's-On-My-Work-Table? Wednesday: Clearing out the Garden

My "work table" today was the great outdoors!

It was nice to have a nice, sunny day to work on my garden beds.  They've gotten really full of weeds and grass since the end of the season last year.  And this spring has been so wet, I haven't gotten much of a chance to work on them.  And the times it was nice and sunny were when I had to prepare for craft shows.  Luckily, my next craft show isn't until June, during the Albion Strawberry festival, so I have some time to focus on the garden a bit.

Speaking of strawberries...Bed #1 used to be herbs and lettuce, but I want to plant those closer to the house, since they don't need as much sun.  So I'm turning Bed #1 into a strawberry patch, since I've heard that strawberries need to be contained or they'll take over.  Last year, I tried starting strawberries inside from seed without much success.  One plant sprouted and I planted it outside, and thought it had died.  But I guess it survived, since I found a decently sized strawberry plant growing this spring!  I also bought some strawberry plants from Aldi...not realizing that there were 15 of them in the package! (Bonus!)  I'm not sure if I'll actually get any berries this year, but once I have the strawberry bed started, I should at least get some next year and the following years.

This is how it looked today when I'd gotten through working on half the cucumber/sugarsnap pea bed. (bed #2 of my 3 raised garden beds). Bed #3 will be tomatoes.  I'd like to build a 4th bed someday for raspberries (I've heard those have a habit of taking over too).  We already have wild blackberries along the treeline of the woods.

 Luna was content to plunk her butt down in the field next to our yard and look westward.  I'm not sure what exactly she was looking at...perhaps the clouds that were rolling in...or maybe keeping watch for squirrels?  Who knows?  But she was very content and happy while I got some work done!

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