Monday, May 7, 2012

Craft Show: Mayday Underground Spring 2012

Realized that I forgot to post pictures from Mayday Underground!

My "garden" of flower pins!

Someone finally bought Beatrice!   I made Beatrice a long time ago and no one has wanted her.  She used to not have hair and I gave her orange pigtails the week before Mayday.  I have a theory that has worked before: If I have a monster for a long time that no one has bought, I'll give them hair.  And soon afterwards, at one of my next craft shows, someone will buy them!   Beatrice continues to verify that theory!

My booth neighbor and fellow RNEST member "Freckles And Frizz"

Fellow RNESTer, John of "Jackbear Stamps"

Fellow RNESTer, Heather Vitticore

Fellow RNESTer (and my second cousin!), Kristin of "The Stitching Studio".

A view of the upper mezzanine of the Village Gate, where the show was held.  This is my favorite venue for Mayday Underground.  I like the natural light and the mall-like feel of it has funky art installations that fit the artsy, "indie" feel of the show. But it is not always available and, unfortunately, is more expensive for the organizers to rent than the Main Street Armory.  The next Mayday show will be at the Main Street Armory on November 3rd.

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