Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Bunting!...Yes, Bunting!

Happy Treasury Tuesday!
This week's installment may be controversial...watch out! ;)

This treasury was inspired by a "conversation" via Facebook comments on the status of a fellow-crafter friend about pennant/flag bunting and her vow to "not allow bunting of any kind" while working on her new craft show display.  This is rooted in bunting's recent ubiquitous-ness in the crafting world (there's your vocabulary word for the day kids..."ubiquitous").  She is kind of anti-bunting* and regards it as right up there with "Put a Bird On It!" and moustaches on sticks. (EDIT: She has informed me that she does think it looks pretty, but wants to challenge herself to come up with something different)

*I'd like you to know that despite my friend's anti-bunting stance, she is still full of crafty awesome!

I, however, am pro-bunting. I can't help it, it's just so pretty!  (birds are pretty too!  The fact that some of the items I included in the treasury included both birds and bunting made me giggle!...there happens to be a kind of bird called a bunting.)   Ah...who knew a bunch of colorful triangles strung on a line could be so popular?    I think it's because of the colors and simplicity.  And also because it reminds us of festivals and carnivals...happy, colorful, and fun. The funny thing is that I'm actually wanting to order some custom bunting from fellow RNESTer FrecklesAndFrizz to decorate my craft show booth with!

The problem with popularity is that eventually, the thing is so popular that it becomes annoying to some people...while other people are still into the popular thing.  I figure "one man's trash is another man's treasure".   I'm not particularly fond of knitted "breast cancer awareness" boobs or the related "breastfeeding" boob beanies for babies (seriously, look it up on Etsy)...but some people think they're hilarious! To each their own, right?

What's your opinion on bunting?...Pretty or played-out?  What other crafting trends annoy you or drive you nuts? (I'm preparing for a barrage of  "Owls!  What's with all the freaking owls???".  Whatever man...owls are cool!)

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